May 26, 2024

Who was the First Oromo Artist to release an album?

who is Ali Bira?

Ali is one of the most famous artists in Ethiopia and across the globe. He is song writer, composer and singer. He is well known for is well-organized songs and stage performances.

Ali was born in 1950 in Ganda Kore, Dire Dawa Ethiopia, one of the most beautiful cities in Ethiopian. Dire Dawa is known for her peace and love, and many call her the “city of love.”

Ali enjoys having fun and making people laugh.  People love the way he writes poems, set them to music, and the message of his songs.

What was the first Ali’s Song on the stage?

At the age of 13, Ali joined his childhood band, Arfan Kalo, and began to make an impact in Oromia and Ethiopia.

On his first stage performance, Ali sang a song called “Birradha bari’e” which earned him his nickname “Ali Bira”.

Why did Ali Birra move to Addis Abeba?

In 1965, Haile Selassie Empire banned the Arfen Kelo team and started chasing the members to imprison them. Ali then moved to Addis Ababa to escape from the government.

However, Ali faced a challenge, but a new road through which he achieved a lot in music was opened. He met Ahmad Taqi, who bought him a guitar so that Ali could sing more widely.  Ali started singing in Amharic in addition to Afan Oromo and he also sang in Arabic, Afar, Sumale and Harari language.

The most loved Ali’s song.

Alis Sang about Social life, Education, Sport and also about Human write. “Barnoota ammas Barnoota,

kana ta’uu qaba kaayyoon Oromootaa” is one of Ali’s popular songs that motivates the young Oromo generation to go to school.

 “Karaan Galma abbaa gadaa eessa, ka’een seenaa isaa jajjabeessaa…” is  another one of Ali’s beloved songs by the Oromo people. the song’s content is about democracy and seeking the way to find Aba Gada to bring back the Gada rule, which is democratic Oromo Governance.

“Ispoortiin jaalala, Ispoortiin guddina…..” is Ali’s song that means “sport is love” and inspires the young generation to participate in Sports activities.

Ali’s awards and albums.

Ali has released about three albums.  He released the first album in 1975 with the Adu band, and his second album in 2012 entitled “Ammalele”. His third album is called “barnoota”.

Ali has received several awards and recognition throughout his career. In 1995, he was honored with the Toronto African Merits Award. He has also been awarded Honorary Doctorates from Jima University in 2010 and Dire Dawa University in 2019. Additionally, he received the Oda Award, a prestigious award among the Oromo people. Furthermore, he was appreciated by the head of Kebura Zabagna.

In 2022, he passed away due to colon cancer.

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