May 28, 2024

Students should learn the c++ before university.

Students should learn the c++ before university. If you are in Ethiopia and need to study department like computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Information system, and any related department, you should know the basic of C++ programming language.


Student should learn the c++ before university.

C++ is taught in Ethiopia to almost all natural science students who join university. According to Ethiopian curriculum, it is taught in two semesters. In the first semester, the course is entitled “Computer programming” and contains about seven chapters.

The course outline is:-

Chapter 1: Introduction1.1. Introduction to programming
1.2. Problem solving techniques        
1.2.2.Pseudo code
 1.2.3. Algorithms
Chapter 2: Basics of programming2.1.Structure of a Program
2.2.C++ IDE
2.3.Showing Sample program
2.4.Keywords, Identifiers, Inputs, Outputs, Comments, Parts of a program
2.5.Data Types
2.8.1. Assignment Operators
2.8.2. Compound Assignment Operators
2.8.3. Arithmetic Operators
2.8.4. Relational Operators
 2.8.5. Increment and Decrement Operators 2.8.6. Infix and postfix types
 2.8.7. Precedence of Operators
Chapter 3: Control Statements3.1. If-else statement
3.2. If… elseif… else statement
 3.3. Switch statement
3.4. For loop statement
3.5. While loop statement
3.6. Do…while statement
Chapter 4: Function and Passing argument to function4.1 Definition of function
4.2 Declaration of function
4.3 Passing value of a function by Value
4.4 Passing value of a function by reference
Chapter 5: Arrays, Pointers & Strings5.1. One-dimensional array
5.2. Multi-dimensional array
5.3. Address and pointer
5.4. Pointer and array
5.5. Pointer and function
5.6. Pointer and string
Chapter 6: Structure6.1. Specifying simple structure
6.2. Defining a structure variable
6.3. Accessing structure variable
Chapter 7: File7.1. File and file management

Upon completion of this course, students who join the College of Computing will proceed to the next part of C++ entitled “Fundamentals of Programming II”, which consists of approximately four chapters.

The course outline is:-

Chapter 1 – Advanced Function (Built in, User defined)1.1 Introduction to Modular Programming (Functions)
1.1.1 Declaration of function
1.1.2 Definition of functions
1.1.3 Calling function and Scope of Variables
1.1.4 Function Arguments
1.1.5 Return Values
1.1.6 Default Parameters
1.1.7 Parameters passing
1.1.8 Call by value
1.1.9 Call by reference
1.1.10 Function Overloading
1.2 Recursive function
1.3 Inline function
Chapter 2:   Structures2.1 Introduction
2.2 Overview of Structure
2.2.1  Declaring structure
2.2.2 Defining structure in structure
2.2.3 Initializing structure
2.2.4 Manipulating structure
2.3 Array of structure
2.4  Nested structure
2.5 Structure, Reference and Pointer
2.6  Passing structure to function
Chapter 3:  File Management 3.1 Streams and Files
3.2 Text and Binary Files
3.3 Text File processing
3.4 Binary File processing
3.5  Random Access Files
3.6  Buffers and Synchronization
Chapter 4: Object Oriented programming in C++4.1 C++ Class and Objects
4.2  Inheritance in c++
4.3 Polymorphism in c++
4.4  Encapsulation in c++
4.5  Function Overloading in c++
4.6 Operator Overloading in c++
4.7 Constructor and Destructor
4.8Exception Handling in c++

What are the benefits of learning C++ before starting university?

It is highly recommended for students in Ethiopia to have a good grasp of C++ before joining university, as it is considered as the basic programming language in most Ethiopian universities. Moreover, having a solid foundation in C++ can also facilitate the learning of other programming languages.

Students should study C++ because it is a powerful and widely used programming language that is used in a variety of industries, including gaming, finance, and software development.

Learning C++ can also help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied to many different fields. this is why student should learn the c++ before university.

C++ code  written on c++ text editor.

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